12 12 / 2013

Aims and goals of nurseries in Coventry:

Personal Development:

At first steps kindergarten, we focus on personal development of a child. Personal development is very essential as far the future education and career of a child is concerned.

Communication skills and language:

A child can be trained best at an early age, communication and language that is developed at an early age goes longer. Once the communication and language of a child is defined at an early age is very difficult to change later in life when a child has been grown up.

Physical training:

Physical development of a child helps children think, do and create more creatively. Here, at pre school in Coventry, children experience various tools, equipments, to make different structures. They use other tools which help them increase their skills and overall helps in physical development.

Better understanding of the world:

Children in Preschool in Coventry are exposed to many such experiences which often are not available at homes. This exposure to interesting and special things helps them know more about the real world. Which help them in their life in the long term, because better knowledge about the world gives them confidence.

Toddler room:

Children at nurseries in Coventry get toys to play with. There are different types of toys, children choose from among them and play with other friends. There is a creative area in toddler room where children paint pictures, make amazing shapes and explore the best of their creativity.

Tweenie and baby Room at nurseries in Coventry:

Like the Toddler room, Tweenie room and baby room are set up to address different requirement of different ages of kids. The rooms are maintained according to the likes and dislikes of respective ages. Baby room has got special things for babies, stuff toys, music, cartoons and much more.